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Chess Club is open to students in grades 5-8.  They meet one day a week, in the fall and winter in Mrs. Ague's classroom during lunch and recess.
Any student is welcome to join the club.  In late winter, there is a play off to narrow down the top four chess players to go to a tournament held at the IU13 center.  If any student is interested in joining the club, they only have to bring in a permission slip from their parents to Mrs. Ague.
A child learns the virtues of patience, analytical thinking, and decision making through the game of chess.  They learn to be a team player and to show self-control by both winning and losing graciously.  Chess is a calm and quiet game so losing one's temper is not an option.  Plus, if a player allows emotions to get the best of them, they won't be thinking ahead for potential moves and the decisions they must make in their game.  Finally, the SHS chess players also learn to help others as they assist their fellow teammates in increasing their strategies and knowledge of the game.
As a Catholic school, we teach the virtues of patience and working together.  These are two components of chess.  Part of Sacred Heart's mission is to help students become future leaders in our Church and responsible and engaged members of our community.  By interacting with students from other schools and playing chess fairly and graciously, the players are already on their way to becoming responsible and judicious players in the adult game of life. 
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