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The children have music once a week for a fifty minute period.  We start music class with a prayer/song and continue with an objective for learning.  The content varies upon the grade that is being taught.  Beginning with Kindergarten, the basics of a steady beat, movement and tone matching are the focus.  In the primary grades, we learn note values in relationship to rhythm, note reading, and continue the tone matching by singing exercises.  Also, creative listening is involved and movement to the beat of the music is stressed.  The theory of music is brought into the lessons according to the grade level being taught.  The goal is to expand their knowledge as each year progresses. 
The intermediate grades continue the theory with rhythmic notation, sight-singing (on a simple level) and basic harmony.  Fifth and sixth grades learn the terms for musical interpretation, as well as all note values.  Seventh grade learns the relationship of sixteenth notes and rests to the other rhythms with which they have become familiar.    The signs and symbols of music are taught and reinforced each year.  Listening for enjoyment and appreciation are incorporated into the lessons, especially in eighth grade.  The great composers and musical time periods are introduced in eighth grade.  
With all of the above, we prepare for a Christmas and Spring concert.  Our children take these programs seriously and are dedicated to putting their best efforts into making them a success.  Of course, the parents are the supportive audience and help so much by their enthusiasm.  Hopefully, the memories will linger far into adulthood for the performances and joy that they give. 
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