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Spanish for 5th – 8th Grade

The students will have class weekly for 50 minutes. The classes will be interactive with a focus on conversation. All grades will learn the same vocabulary so that siblings can practice together at home. The students will learn useful phrases, practical cultural information, and songs. They will learn through dialogues, visuals and games.

The approach to teaching Spanish is not *textbook*, but very interactive, practical and useful.  Students will learn vocabulary, as well as the culture in Spanish speaking countries. Students need to know more about the various Spanish cultures other than piñatas, tacos and Flamenco dancing.  Students will learn cultural information about birthday parties, a typical school day, foods that are eaten daily and on special occasions, extracurricular activities and other aspects that relate to children.  The class will not just focus on counting to ten and knowing colors, but how to tell someone how old you are and your phone number. The children will learn how to share their likes and dislikes, ask and answer personal questions and communicate their basic needs. When the children meet someone who speaks Spanish, they will know how to greet them and tell about their family. When they travel, they will be able to communicate when they are hungry and what they want, or don’t want, to eat. When they have the opportunity, they will be able to invite Spanish speaking children to join them to play. This is all done through interactive activities, not by completing workbook pages.

Though the approach is different, the students do learn verb conjugation, grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure and lots of vocabulary. Spanish in the lower grades will not only give them a great head start when they get to High School Spanish, but will help them on the path to being truly bilingual.
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