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Focused on academic excellence, nourished by the Eucharist, and guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, the mission of Sacred Heart School is to provide a quality Catholic education for our students whereby they will be prepared to become faithful witnesses of the Gospel and future leaders in our Church and responsible members of society.


Founded on the threefold educational mission of the Church: to teach, to foster Christian community, and to encourage service we believe that Catholic education contributes to the development of the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.


Spiritual Development

• We believe that education should be Christ-centered and reflect the authentic teachings of the   Catholic Church.
• We believe that every person is a child of God worthy of love, respect, and dignity.
• We believe that Catholic faith and values should be modeled through our choices, actions, and the   service we give to others.

Intellectual Development
• We believe that parents/guardians, as the primary educators of their children, are assisted by a   partnership that exists among parish, school and community.
• We believe that all instruction integrates Catholic values and academic excellence.
• We believe that students learn through various learning styles.
• We believe that continuing evaluation and improvement of the curriculum is essential to the development of an effective educational program that promotes a life-long love of learning.
• We believe that staff development is an on-going process to promote professional growth and to enhance teaching techniques.

Social and Emotional Development
• We believe an environment where children are emotionally and physically safe   promotes learning.
• We believe in the importance of developing in the child the concepts of self discipline and respect for others.
• We believe that positive relationships and mutual respect support student’s self-esteem and confidence.

Physical Development
• We believe in physical learning activities that promote the physical growth of each child.
• We believe that children need to be taught good nutrition, proper hygiene, and healthy life styles that promote the total development of the child. 

Sacred Heart School admits students of any race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin and does not discriminate on these bases.

Order of acceptance is: 
1. Children with siblings currently enrolled at Sacred Heart School
2. Children of active members of Sacred Heart parish (active implies Mass attendance and Church support)
3. Children of active members of St. Philip and St. Catherine parishes
4. Families who have recently moved into Sacred Heart, St. Philip and St. Catherine parishes
5. Children of other Catholic parishes
6. Children of non-Catholics

Acceptance Requirements
-A student will be accepted after pre-admission testing provided there is room in the class and the child has no academic, emotional, or disciplinary problem that would hinder his/her education at this school.
-A Kindergarten student must be five years of age by September 1 of the school year and a First Grade student must be six years of age.
-A child who has transferred from Sacred Heart School will not be considered for re-admission for a period of one full year, except for circumstances determined by the principal.
-Students transferring from another school will be accepted on a probationary basis for a period of one full year.

The following must be presented at the time of registration:
A Baptismal certificate for all those not baptized at Sacred Heart Church
Birth certificate, immunization records, and Social Security number
Payment of non-refundable registration fee
All health and academic records must be forwarded to Sacred Heart School.

Students are to arrive between 7:35 and 7:45 a.m. daily. Most days the students report to the school yard; on inclement weather days, students come directly in via the front door. Students arriving by bus are dropped off in accord with these specifications. The school cannot accept responsibility for students who arrive before 7:35 a.m.

Dismissal begins at 2:25 p.m. Students walking home / being transported by bus, are dismissed as crossing guards and buses arrive. Parents, who are transporting children by car, are asked to arrive no later than 2:40 p.m. In order to keep the lines moving as quickly and smoothly as possible, you are asked to abide with parking regulations. As a safety measure, no students may cross over Nevin St. unaccompanied by an adult. The school is not responsible for students who are not picked up on time.

After School Program
Our after school program exists between the hours of 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to provide a safe environment for our students. During this time, there is supervised homework time and a combination of activities directed by the Moderator, as well as, self-directed activities. Students are expected to follow the guidelines which they receive at registration time.

Since absence interferes with a student’s progress, every student should be present daily, with the exception of sickness or family emergencies.

When a child is absent, the parent is asked to call the school between 7:35 and 8:00 a.m. to inform the office personnel that the child will not be present. Calls will be made to the home from school if the student is not present. When the child returns to school, he/she must have a written note signed by the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence. This is required by law and will be kept on file. Should a student be absent for a period of more than five consecutive days, a doctor’s certificate is required.

Student work is to be made up in the event of absence; a parent can make arrangements to pick up a child’s work after 2:30 p.m.

Late arrivals are a detriment to the child and a disruption to the general classroom atmosphere.
A student is considered late if he/she reports after 7:50 a.m. and must report to the school office for an admittance slip before going to class. 
Three late arrivals will result in a loss of recess time which is determined by the teacher. Excessive lateness will necessitate further disciplinary action.

Early Dismissal Request
When at all possible, it is advisable to schedule medical and dental appointments outside of school hours; when this is not possible, a note should be sent to the teacher, who will in turn send it to the office to notify office personnel of the child’s early dismissal. When a parent/guardian advises the school of necessary early dismissal, the parent/guardian must come to the office for the child and sign the child out. Such requests should be kept at a minimum, for medical/dental appointments and emergencies. When students leave school early, they are missing important class work. Students are responsible for finding out what they missed and making that work up on their own time.

Planned Absence
When planning family vacations, it is best to choose days that students will not miss school. If parents do plan vacation time during school, a note is to be sent to the principal’s office as well as to the homeroom teacher prior to the vacation, stating the dates the children will be out of school. Please note that there is no responsibility on the part of the school to provide make-up work in advance for pre-planned absence of students. Parents should consult with the teacher as to the feasibility of giving assignments or if the assignments will instead be made up when the child returns to school.

Attendance at School Functions
Students are required to attend the Christmas Show / Spring Show.

Textbooks are provided at a great expense. All consumable books (workbooks, soft backed books) must be covered with clear contact paper. All hard backed texts must be covered (book “socks” are acceptable) and handled carefully, no doodling on books or book covers. All books must be carried to and from school in a school bag or backpack. If a book is lost, mutilated, or destroyed, the parent must assume the original cost. Lost library books are subject to fines to compensate for the value.

All students are expected to keep their belongings in good order in school. There should be a sense of pride in keeping desks and work areas neat. All copybooks, workbooks are expected to be kept neatly. Students writing in pen are required to use black ink.

Sacred Heart School communicates with the home mainly through our school website:www.sacredheartschoollancaster.orgwhere our weekly Tuesday folder is under Parent Info. However, if a family does not have access to the internet a hard copy will be sent home, if requested. Anyone who desires to send home information must submit it to the office by Monday.

A monthly update of the calendar is included in the Principal’s Newsletter which is on the website. The monthly lunch menu is also on the website.

Meetings between teachers and parents are seen as vital to the growth and development of students. A parent who would like to see a teacher concerning his/her child should send a note to the particular person involved. The faculty/staff member will contact the parent and set up a mutually agreeable date and time for a conference. At no time should a parent come into the classroom without an appointment. If a difficulty arises concerning conduct or academic work, please contact the teacher involved before the matter is brought to the attention of the principal.

Everyone (parents, students, faculty, administration, and staff) at Sacred Heart School is expected to treat every other person with respect and courtesy and deserves to be treated in a like manner. All are expected to act in a manner that reflects strong Christian values and which is in accord with our mission and belief statements.

Discipline Policy
The discipline policy of Sacred Heart is based on the following assumptions:
-Every person has the right to have his/her rights and feelings respected.
-Every teacher has the right to teach.
-Every student has the right to learn.
-Every student has the right to a safe and disruption free learning community.
-Every student has the right for the school to establish a consistent discipline policy for promoting positive reinforcement for acceptable behavior and a system of consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Parents, students, and the school are expected to act courteously and cooperatively together to enable the student to meet academic, moral, and behavioral expectations.

The principal is the final recourse in all disciplinary matters. The goal of the discipline policy at Sacred Heart School is to foster respect for God, for self, for others and to engender students’ responsibility, which will in turn help establish students’ self-esteem and likewise lead to respect for the personhood and rights of others.
The essence of Christian discipline is self-discipline. 

Preventive Discipline Policy
The steps outlined below are intended to permit a fair, prompt and orderly response to any school-related problems. To avoid inappropriate behavior, the students will:
1. Respect the authority of the administration, faculty, staff and volunteers, as well as the rights of other students.
2. Strive to develop Christian values of honesty, courtesy, appropriate language, respect for school property and the personal property of others.
3. Strive to develop proper habits of study.
4. Realize their own self-worth and contributions, along with their strengths and limitations.

General School Rules
The general school rules include:
1. Rules deemed necessary by the teachers for the proper conduct and administration ofeach classroom.
2. Rules deemed necessary by the principal and/or pastor for the proper conduct and administration of the school.
3. Students are to keep their hands and feet and all objects to themselves.
4. Silence is required in the entrances and hallways, on the stairways, and in the lavatories.
It is understood that a reverent silence is always to be kept in church.
5. For safety purposes, students are to walk, not run, in the building.
6. Compliance with all rules in the cafeteria and on the playground.

Classroom Management
Each teacher is responsible for the discipline and management of his/her own classroom. Classroom conduct rules are posted in the individual classrooms. Each teacher will explain his/her rules to the students as well as to the parents on Back-to-school night. Parents will be notified by the teacher of any ongoing conduct problems. 

The consequence for an inappropriate action or behavior is determined by the seriousness of the offense and/or the continued disregard for the rules. These consequences may include, but are not limited to, demerits, detention, conduct referrals, suspension, and expulsion. The school reserves the right to determine when conduct is of such a severe nature as to warrant immediate action without warning.

Demerits are given to students in grades 4-8. They may be given for inappropriate action and/or behavior which may include the following…
-Violation of dress code
-Disruption of class
-Violation of classroom rules
-Running through halls
-Incomplete homework assignments and/or projects
-Chewing gum

An accumulation of three demerits/trimester will result in an hour detention. Demerit slips will be sent home for the parent/guardian to sign and return to the teacher the next day. 

Detention will be given if a student’s behavior does not show improvement. Written notification will be sent home specifying the date and reason for the detention. The parent/guardian must sign the notification and return it to school the next day. 

Conduct Referrals
Conduct referrals will be given for a serious offense which may include, but not limited to the following:
-A third detention is received
-Stealing / cheating
-Disrespect to an adult
-Leaving school grounds or classroom without permission
-Abusive language, obscene gestures, profanity
-Harassment: verbal, physical, visual, sexual
-Any form of violence
-Falsification /forging the signature of another
-Violation of internet policy
-Possession of telecommunication devices or electronic devices

Two conduct referrals within a year will result in suspension.

Suspension is a serious disciplinary action taken when a student’s behavior constitutes a major disciplinary infraction and is a hindrance to the spiritual, moral and academic progress of the general good or for an accumulation of numerous other offenses.

Following a suspension, a conference with parent(s) / guardian(s), student, teacher, and principal is required. 

After two suspensions, a student may be expelled for any further serious infraction or an accumulation of lesser infractions of the school rules/regulations. (Diocesan Policy 5114.a)

Possible reasons a student may be suspended may include but is not limited to the following:
-Two conduct referrals
-Blatant disrespect for authority
-Bullying / threatening others
-Serious fighting
-Deliberate physical, verbal or sexual harassment
-Possession or use of alcohol, cigarettes, or other illegal substances
-Possession of a weapon on school property or at a school function

Expulsion is an action taken against extremely serious offenses which may include, but not limited to the following …
Repeated refusal to obey school rules and regulations
Conduct which endangers self and/or others
Possession of a weapon with no extenuating circumstances
Attempt to sell drugs
Criminal violations that occur apart from school or school related activities
(Diocesan Policy 5114.b)

Two suspensions and engagement in further serious violations of school rules or regulations

The principal presents the facts to the parent(s)/guardian(s) who may be given the opportunity to withdraw their child from school in lieu of his/her expulsion. Parents have the right to appeal the expulsion of their child to a special review board. The student may not attend classes during the appeal process. (Diocesan Policy 5114.c)

It is the policy of the school to notify the school which a student transfers if a student is expelled, or withdraws from school, and is involved with any of the following offenses:
-An act of offense involving weapons
-Sale or possession of controlled substances
-Willful infliction of injury to another person, or act of violence committed on school property, or while in the custody of the school.

Counseling services are provided by IU 13 for the students of our school. The counselor works with whole class groups, small groups, and with individual students. When a student needs to see the counselor on an ongoing basis, a form is provided for parents to sign. If serious concerns are presented, parents will receive prompt notification.

In the absence of a court order, our school may provide a non-custodial parent access to academic records and other school information regarding his/her child. The school may release a child into the custody of the non-custodial parent unless a court order is on file in the school preventing this. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with a court-certified copy of the court order in such matters.

If you have a change of address/phone number (home or work) during the school year, please notify the school office as well as your child/children’s teacher/s. This is important in the event of an emergency.

Bus transportation is handled through the school district in which the student resides. No student may ride a bus other than the one to which he/she is assigned. Students who are not registered with the transportation department in their local school district may not ride the bus. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and to show respect for the bus drivers and other students. They are expected to remain seated at all times and to be cooperative in order to assure the safety of all. 
If it is necessary for the bus driver to issue a citation to the student, an additional disciplinary action may be taken by Sacred Heart School. The principal has the authority to suspend or dismiss any student from the bus for inappropriate behavior.

The appearance of our students is important. It is a fact that student behavior, attitudes and effective learning improve when children are dressed appropriately. Uniforms are available for purchase from Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Co. We likewise have a Uniform Exchange Program; information regarding this program may be obtained through the school office.

Boys Uniform
Navy or gray dress pants worn with a black, brown or navy belt. No pants with outside pockets, elastic cuffs or labels may be worn.
White or light blue long or short sleeve dress shirt
Navy or gray with no decorations
Navy or gray V-neck or cardigan sweaters or vests may be worn during the winter months.
Navy, black or gray
Sturdy brown, black or navy shoes (no sneaker-like, boot-like or platform shoes, no “referee type” shoes)
Optional Warm Weather Wear
Boys may wear the light blue Sacred Heart monogrammed polo shirt in the fall and spring of the school year (date is determined by the principal) Gray or Navy Uniform Shorts from Flynn & O’Hara may be worn with white crew socks and white sneakers.
Boys’ haircuts are to be neat and clean - hair must be above the eyebrows, above the ears, and may not touch the shirt collar. Hairstyles should not be a source of distraction to others; dying / highlighting/coloring of hair is not permissible. 
One fine chain with a medal, cross or small religious symbol may be worn inside the shirt. A wrist watch may be worn. No other bracelet may be worn. Earrings are not permitted.Tattoos are prohibited.

Girls Uniform
grades K-4 wear a drop-waist plaid jumper
grades 5-8 wear a plaid kilt uniforms may not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee
Optional Slacks
Gray uniform slacks may be worn during the winter months (mus be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara)
White or light blue/ long or short sleeve/ oxford cloth blouses
Gray or Navy Shorts
(from Flynn & O’Hara) may be worn during warm weather (date determined by the principal).White crew socks and white sneakers may be worn with shorts. Light blue monogrammed polo shirt may be worn with shorts or with uniform kilt when summer uniforms are worn.
Navy or gray knee high socks
Navy or gray leotards may be worn in cold weather
During the warm weather girls may wear navy blue/gray ankle socks (date is determined by the principal)

Navy or gray V-neck or cardigan sweaters or V-neck vests may be worn during the winter months
Sturdy brown, black or navy shoes (no clogs, sandals, backless, sneaker-like, boot-like or platform shoes), no “referee type” shoes
Hair Styles 
No extreme hairstyles are permitted. Hairstyles should not be a source of distraction to others; dying/ highlighting / coloring of hair is not permissible.
One fine chain with medal, cross or small religious symbol may be worn. A wrist watch may be worn. No other bracelet may be worn. One single pair of post earrings (studs) may be worn on the ear lobe (no hoops/half hoops or dangling earrings).
Make-up, colored nail polish and false nails are not permitted. Tattoos are prohibited.
Gym Uniforms
All students in grades K-8 are required to wear the Sacred Heart gym uniform. Warm weather uniforms consist of a light blue monogrammed T-shirt or the gray Sacred Heart spirit shirt and burgundy monogrammed gym shorts. Cold weather uniforms consist of navy sweat pants and sweat shirt. The navy sweats may be purchased at Flynn & O’Hara. These will have the school logo. However, you may purchase any navy sweat suit (without the logo) from any store. The dates for sweats/shorts are determined by the principal. Students are to wear non-marking sneakers and white crew socks.All sweaters, coats, gym uniforms, sweats, etc. must be marked or labeled in the inside with student’s name.

In the event of hazardous weather conditions, please listen to radio or TV for delayed openings or closing of school. Information on weather related delays or closings is usually determined by the School District of Lancaster. However, our school name will be announced for closings/delays on the following stations:
WROZ/FM 101 
FOX 43
WDAC / FM94.5
WHP - TV 21

Please do not call the rectory, convent or school for this information.

If hazardous weather conditions develop during the school day, please listen to the radio/TV for early dismissal or school closing information. We remind you to make provisions for such cases with a relative or neighbor, if a parent is not available,and to instruct your child/children as to what procedure should be followed under such circumstances.

School Emergency Plan
Of utmost concern to us, is the safety and well-being of our children at Sacred Heart. We have tried and will continue to try to provide a safe and secure environment for them in the event of an emergency
Should an emergency/crisis (tornado/fire/civil emergency, etc.) take place during the school day when your child/ren are present, Sacred Heart School does have a plan in place. The exact strategy to be followed would depend much on the crisis, but in general terms, it is as follows:
- Should parents be required to come to school to pick their children up, please ring the bell. Office personnel will contact your children’ classrooms and your children will come down to meet you.

- In the unusual event of a biological or chemical incident, the civil authorities may require that the building be locked with all students/staff sheltered in place inside the school. Should this occur, no one would be permitted to enter/exit the building without jeopardizing the safety of those within. Pick up would take place when the local authorities determine the area to be safe.

- Should the nature of the crisis be such that the children would need to move from our school to another facility, please listen to the radio/watch TV to learn details. Prior arrangements have been made with three other facilities in the area; the one determined would be dependent on the crisis taking place.

- If your child takes medication, it is advisable that you have some extra medicine kept here locked in the school office, in the event that your child would be here longer than usual. Please follow exactly, the directives regarding medication that are stated in this handbook.

We have food, water and basic first aid supplies, should they be needed in an emergency. In any event, be assured that the administration, faculty and staff would remain with your children and care for them, should an emergency extend beyond the school day. 

Field trips are privileges afforded to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip. Students can be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements. A faculty member, assisted by responsible adult chaperones, must accompany the students on the bus for the class trip. Field trips are for full-time Sacred Heart School students only; chaperones may not bring other children. No student may participate in any class trip unless the required permission slip for the specific event is on file with the principal. The permission slip is a form issued by the Diocese of Harrisburg, and is the only permission slip that will be accepted. Any attempt to alter any aspect of that form invalidates it and is understood as a non- permission statement by the parent. All regulations stated in this handbook apply for all students on school related field trips. Diocesan Policy 5134

Homework is an integral part of the educational process; it both reinforces and expands the learning experience. Homework may be a reinforcement of skills taught, an exercise in creative initiative, a study period for memorization of facts, or reading for further enrichment. Parent assistance is sometimes needed to help students study information and for guidance. Long range projects are never given the night before a project is due; time is always allocated for completion of long-range assignments and rubrics to follow are given by teachers assigning the projects. The following are suggested time allotments for homework:

Grades 1 & 2 20 - 30 minutes
Grades 3 & 4 40 - 60 minutes
Grades 5 & 6 60 -90 minutes
Grades 7 & 8 90-120 minutes

School insurance is mandated by the Diocese of Harrisburg. Every child attending Sacred Heart School must be protected by adequate insurance; this may be the Diocesan Student Accident Insurance Program or the parents’ own insurance.

Sacred Heart lunch program is available for those who wish to purchase lunch. Lunch tickets are available for purchase, or lunch may be purchased on a daily basis. Students may bring lunch from home (no glass containers). All food must be eaten in the cafeteria. If a parent delivers a lunch to school, it is to be delivered to the office by 11:00 a.m.; no late lunches may be dropped off in the cafeteria.

No medication of any type may be given by the teacher. No student is permitted to keep medication in the classroom. If a student is in need of medication during the school day, the following requirements must be met:
Prescription medications must:
- be in the original container, properly labeled by a pharmacist or physician
- be accompanied by a form with the following information: student’s name, name of prescribing physician, name of medication with physician’s directions including: amount and time to be given, date/s to be given, reason, curtailment of specific school activities (if any), other medications the student is taking, Parental/guardian permission - must be kept in the school office and administered by the nurse, principal, or designee.
Non-prescription medications must:
- be in the original container
- have a note dated and signed by the parent indicating the student’s name, drug identity, amount to be given, time to be given, date/s to be given
Permission via the telephone is not sufficient. Diocesan Policy 4108

The school reserves the right to use student pictures in publications and on the school website. Any parent who does not wish his/her child’s picture to be used must notify the principal in writing as soon as possible (no later than September 30, 2013). Student addresses are not released to the public. 
Report cards are issued to students in grades K-8 three times a year, at the end of each trimester. Students will receive a progress report halfway through the trimester. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held after the first progress report. Custodial parents of students failing a subject will receive written notification from the teacher of the failure, prior to receiving the report card.

Retention of a child in a grade may be appropriate where it is intended to enable a student to gain future developmental, emotional and/or educational maturity and success. When retention is a strong possibility, the parent and teacher must meet to discuss the progress of the child. The parent/s and teacher sign a form noting that retention has been discussed. The principal reserves the right to deny admission to the next grade or to require that the student attend summer school and /or tutoring by a school-approved tutor until the student is able to meet the requirements for the succeeding grade.
Diocesan Policy 5120

Parents/guardians of children scheduled to receive sacraments are required:
- to have their children attend Mass on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
- to attend Parent Meetings for the sacraments
- to have their children make the retreat if a retreat is provided

School supplies are available for purchase here at school throughout the school year. Some supplies must be purchased through the school (these items are noted on the stationery list which is on the school website). Stationery items will be on sale periodically throughout the year.

Through the use of state funds, Sacred Heart School shares in certain services provided for non-public schools. The Lancaster/Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 provides the following services:
Speech Therapy, Remedial Reading and Math, Counseling and Psychological Services.
Title I services provide some remedial materials/services for our students.

Monies allocated for use by non-public schools are used to defray the cost of textbooks, workbooks, technology, audio-visual materials and some programs used by the students of Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart School provides limited Internet access to students. In an effort to safeguard the students and guard the liability of the school, an Internet Acceptable Use Policy must be signed by each student (grades 4 - 8) and his/her parents at the beginning of each school year.

Technology Usage Policy
Network and Internet access is used to enrich the educational goals of Sacred Heart School. All users are expected to conduct on line activities in an ethical and legal manner. The use of computers is a privilege not a right. Internet use will be for the purpose of research relating to class assignments. Inappropriate use of the computer will result in disciplinary action. 

Inappropriate use may include but may not be limited to the following:
Damaging computer equipment, programs or software
Violating copyright laws or licensing agreements
Willfully introducing harmful/destructive programs or viruses
Using profanity, obscenity, degrading or other offensive language
Plagiarism of the writings and/or ideas of others
Computer piracy, hacking, and tampering with hardware or software
Revealing personal addresses and/or phone numbers
Receiving, viewing, or sending offensive, harassing, or threatening information or pictures
Sharing or using another student’s password and/or identity
“Chain” type letters or messages sent to mailing lists or individuals
Using “chat rooms”
Involvement of any illegal activities
Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones are permitted at Sacred Heart School subject to the following rules and regulations. 
A student must have written permission from a parent or guardian on file in the school office.
A cell phone may be used for emergency purposes only.
Cell phones MUST BE TURNED OFF during the school day and kept in the student’s backpack.
If a student uses a cell phone during school hours, the phone will be taken and kept in the office until parents are notified.
Students will be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phone. Sacred Heart School will not assume responsibility for theft, loss or damage of the cell phone, or unauthorized calls made on the cell phone.
Other telecommunication devices such as two-way radios, pagers, PDA’s, personal laptops, Blackberries, or other devices that are capable of two-way transmission, be it audio, video or text, are PROHIBITED. 

Tuition amounts for the school year are determined the spring prior to the new year. The tuition contract and registration fee must be received by the school by a date determined by the principal. In order to reserve a space for your child/ren for the upcoming year, it is essential that the school have this contract on file. Tuition may be paid in advance or on a monthly basis. All monthly payments should be paid on or before the first of the appropriate month in which the payment is due.

Report cards will be withheld for nonpayment of tuition. Academic records will not be provided with respect to any student whose tuition and other charges have not been paid.

Visitors are welcome at Sacred Heart School but must report to the school office upon entering the building and obtain a visitor badge to wear. Visitors may not go to the classrooms, cafeteria, gym or any other area to visit students or teachers unless permission is given by the principal. This is a safety measure for all concerned.

We welcome all those who generously give of their time and talent volunteering at Sacred Heart. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Forms are sent home asking parents to volunteer for various school activities.We request that each family contribute at least 20 volunteer hours during the school year. In compliance with diocesan policy, all volunteers are required to have clearances on file in the office. Volunteers are asked to sign in at the office and obtain a badge to wear before going to the designated area for service. Volunteers may not go to other areas of the building to visit students or teachers unless permission is given by the principal. This is likewise a safety measure for all concerned.

This handbook is intended to be a guide to the school policies and procedures for the benefit of the school and its students. The school reserves the right to deviate from literal compliance with these terms where the pastor and/or principal deem it necessary in the interest of the school and the students or to change or modify the application of the matter presented therein.

The Principal of Sacred Heart School, in consultation with the Pastor, reserves the right to amend this handbook when circumstances warrant it. Parents will be promptly notified of any such amendments, which will likewise be promulgated to the student body. 
You and your child/children are asked to read this handbook carefully and to sign the designated form which will be sent home to you. After doing so, please return the form to school. 

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